En Attendant Rasmussen

So the old rumour mill is working overtime – helped by the Danish defence minister, no less – and an order for ten bespoke suits has been placed.

Well, just to hedge my bets, I’ve set up a Rasmussen-Rasmussen section on the Political Reviews page. If you’re looking for more gossip, I will have to disappoint you. If you are more into historical parallels (and lack thereof), the links are for your entertainment.

Update: Please pardon my French. It’s attendant, not attendent. And I got a “13” in my high school exams… 🙁

The Foghometer

Generally, political scientists are not in the prediction business, but as the Dansk Politik blog has started the Foghometer (as I prefer to call it), here is the link.

And as a commenter noted: If Fogh resigns in favour of Løkke, Denmark will have had a string of three Prime Minister Rasmussens – Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Lars Løkke Rasmussen.

Back in 1993, I found it slightly hilarious that Poul (Schlüter) was followed by Poul (Nyrup Rasmussen). And then we shouldn’t forget the 2x Hans Hansen (Hans Hedtoft Hansen and Hans Christian Svane Hansen) heading the Danish government, even if Hedtoft had ditched Hansen by then.

Not Exactly the Best President in the History of the US

Brad Reed:

The Bush administration can be described as a slapstick comedy with an unusually high body count: Picture the Three Stooges and the Keystone Cops duking it out with cruise missiles.

And this is just the 5th worst moment in the train-wreck presidency of George W Bush. The worst moment? Well, it involves the media. You are free to guess.

Two observations:

#1. Some months ago I read Jacob Weisberg’s The Bush Tragedy. Long-distance psychology, an approach which had all but disappeared since the 1970s, returns to tell us that underneath the facade, Bush43 is a cipher. The man has managed to build a life without any content whatsoever – not even his much-touted religious conversion reveals any substance. Either Weisberg has missed something completely, or we are stuck with one of the biggest riddles in modern history. How could Nobody be elected president of the US, twice?1

#2. To many foreign leaders, cooperating with Bush has been lethal with the destruction of the Blair and Aznar premierships as the most conspicuous examples. Berlusconi is a tricky case as he managed to bounce back in the 2008 elections after being ousted in 2006, but one political leader has managed to stay very close to Bush and still survive politically: Anders Fogh Rasmussen of Denmark. What does this tell us about Danish politics in general and Fogh Rasmussen in particular?

  1. I know: Bush43 did lose the popular vote in 2000, but the question still stands. []

A Rapist on the Loose?

Niels Krause-Kjær comments Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s recent speech about Danish foreign policy:

Fogh misforstår bevidst Vestager. Ikke bare lidt. Han voldtager hendes udsagn – ellers kan han ikke bruge det. At Margrethe Vestager stiller sig i en position, hvor hun bevidst kan misforstås, er så hendes fejl.

Or in English:

Fogh is deliberately misunderstanding Vestager. Not just a bit. He’s raping her statement – because he couldn’t use it otherwise. That Vestager has placed herself in a position where she can be deliberately misunderstood is a different matter.

Perhaps Fogh’s distortion of both the Social Liberal standpoint and Danish political history wasn’t that surprising but the crudeness of the argumentation is noteworthy. But then again, Fogh seems to make a Karl Rove-like petty envy the basis of his political project.

But let me, just in order to keep the low level of discourse, note that there were two parties who were spectacularly absent from the Danish resistance movement during WW2: The Social Liberals – motivated by a curious mix of realism and pacifism – and Fogh Rasmussen’s Liberals – motivated by greed as farmers were busy producing for the German market.

Seriously, there is more to be said about Margrethe Vestager’s complete lack of political timing and Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s non-fact based foreign policies.