Project 52 – 2014: Week 37


“Longevity” – illustrated by an archeological excavation. European towns and cities are ancient by US standards. Even if I live in a modern house, the street next to it dates from the 15th century. The rebuilding of the city centre here in Odense also means that a number of archeological excavations are being made – I’m actually not sure what these foundations (next to the City Hall) are the remains of or if they will survive the building project but they are a symbol of the longevity of urban structures.

Project 52 – 2014: Week 35

Pantheonsgade, Odense: Late Summer Rain

Something which is typical of late summer in Denmark? Sudden bursts of torrential rain.

It is not quite the tropics and yesterday’s shower in Odense was by no means as severe as the rainfall which hit the Copenhagen area on Saturday night.