Project 52 – 2015: Week 28 and 29

Shadows, Haus der Kunst, Munich

Shadows: The Haus der Kunst in Munich is one of the few surviving buildings from the Nazi era. Today it is used as a venue for contemporary art exhibitions. So the photo both have the shadows cast on a hot summer day and the shadows cast by a dark period in European history.

My Leipzig-Munich photos are here

2015-07: Leipzig and Munich

Copenhagen: Snaregade

Summer: You could probably take a similar photo in every season of the year but still: The streets off the beaten track of Copenhagen are a treat during the summer. And the light is different in July.

Project 52 – 2014: Week 49

Berlin: Dom, Fernsehturm, Stadtschloss/Humboltforum

Theme: “Symbolic”

Berlin is a symbol in itself but here are several generations of symbols: The Dom as a landmark and symbol of Wilhelmine Germany, the Fersehturm as a landmark and symbol of the GDR and finally the building-site of the Berliner Stadtschloss where democratic, reunified Germany is trying to create its own symbols by recreating those of an earlier age.

Project 52 – 2014: Week 37


“Longevity” – illustrated by an archeological excavation. European towns and cities are ancient by US standards. Even if I live in a modern house, the street next to it dates from the 15th century. The rebuilding of the city centre here in Odense also means that a number of archeological excavations are being made – I’m actually not sure what these foundations (next to the City Hall) are the remains of or if they will survive the building project but they are a symbol of the longevity of urban structures.

A Job Update

If you visit this page on the web, you will see that I have updated my “About me”-profile to say that I am available for assignments (etc) from February 2014. The reason is that I will be replacing a former colleague at UC Lillebælt who unfortunately has to take a leave for some months for the rest of the autumn semester.

I am off the hook for a couple of months – but the hunt for a new job and/or new assignments goes on!