About the Blog


The blog was started in the autumn of 2005 and reflects my professional interest in Danish and Swedish politics and social matters. The aim of posts about these subjects is to deepen my understanding of what is happening in the two countries and invite to discussions with friends and colleagues, not to promote a particular political point of view or to present my work. I have no posting schedule and the frequency of postings on politics and public policy has declined somewhat since 2011.

I occasionally post about art, music and books that have caught my attention but as I am not an art (or music or literary) expert, these posts more or less reflect what interests me when I am not working.

During 2013 I participate in Eszter Hargittai’s photo challenge “Project 52” and I also post my entries on the blog.

Why in English?

The blog started its life as a supplement to e-mail exchanges I had with British and Canadian colleagues who do not read Danish. I have decided to stick to English even if my daily working language has been Danish or Swedish. The blog posts are not professionally proof-read so there are bound to be smaller or larger mistakes in the writing.

Comments policy

Comments – either in the comments form or by mail or on Twitter (write @jacobchr) – are more than welcome!

To restrict the amount of spam comments, comments will be closed automatically ten days after an entry is posted. Please mail me if you have a question or a comment regarding a post with closed comments.

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