2015: Forming a Government – The Game Begins

When I wrote the posts for Makt och Politik, one of my problems was trying to figure out how a “Blue” government might look. So far, it seems that the four-party majority coalition is off the table leaving us with either a Liberal-Danish People Party coalition or a one-party Liberal government. The L-DPP coalition could count on support from around 40 % of MPs while a Liberal government would be significantly much weaker – also in a historical perspective. Below, I have tried to calculate the direct basis of all governments in the Folketing since the introduction of PR in 19181

Løkke II (a) is the alternative with a single-party Liberal government, (b) the two-party coalition with the Danish People’s Party.


  1. Note that the North Atlantic MPs from Greenland and the Faroe Islands are not included in the calculation which in some cases underestimates the strength of the government. Case in point: Kampmann II/Krag I 1960-1964. []