A Job Situation and Publishing Update

First, the bad news: No news on the job situation, which means that I am still looking for a job. Even if I am based in Odense, I am geographically flexible – the train connections out of Odense are excellent so I can be in places like Esbjerg, Aarhus or Copenhagen within 90 minutes. Feel free to take a look at the “About Me” page for starters.

Second, there is unfortunately a formal issue with blogging when you are unemployed as it technically could be seen as work or an independent source of income. I should note that even if this blog has had some links with my previous line(s) of work, it has always been a con amore project completely unsupported by any advertisers or sponsors. I pay some 250 DKK per year for the domain and hosting.

I’m not quite sure why having this kind of web-presence is problematic if maintaining a LinkedIn profile isn’t – after all a well-maintained blog can also be a way of presenting yourself to potential employers and finding a job or freelance assignments. I am of course aware of sponsored blogs or blogs carrying advertising but this is in a different league.

Still, to avoid any problems I will limit posting to week-ends and updates to the Project 52 – 2013 series for the time being. And if you want to get in touch with me, here are the details.


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    While I understand why you choose to do what you do, I think it’s stupid to limit people in creating awareness for themselves in this way. What kind of a f***** up system is this?

    I sincerely hope you get a job soon, so you can resume to your very thoughtful and great CON AMORE blog postings :-).

    All the best to you – I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

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    Yes, I too find this odd – the information came from the unemployment fund, though, and they are the ones who decide if you qualify for benefits. Sad that the system hasn’t really grasped the potential of the internet.

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