A Job Note

This update is just to say that I will be leaving the School of Social Work at UC Lillebælt at the end of July. Even if teaching is hard work, I’ve enjoyed getting back to the classrooms after some years doing round-the-clock research and I have had great colleagues (sorry for sounding like an American, but they were a dedicated, competent and very friendly bunch).

Right now, I can’t say what the future will bring. Obviously, I’m very unhappy about the prospect of having to deal with the unemployment system from a user perspective, and there are also a number of uncertainties about which way to go now.

But let us just say that I am open for offers within my fields of expertise which are policy and strategy analysis, social and labour market policy, organisational analysis and teaching within these fields.

Well, I’ll have to find a sharper way of presenting this but this is all for now.