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The 5th

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It turns out that today is my 5th anniversary on Twitter. Intriguingly, I also managed to reach my 50000th tweet today so we have a double jubilee. If I remember correctly, I reached 5 years on Facebook a couple of months ago, but the story didn’t begin there.

As it is, my way into the world of social media began on a couple of Danish Mac-forums – MediaMac and especially Macnyt.dk where I was quite active during the mid-00s. A number of Macnyt-users tried to set up a Mac-wiki called æbletræet.dk and while the site and the wiki is still around, the project soon was abandoned while we drifted off to the now-defunct microblogging service Jaiku and as Jaiku was gobbled up by Google and went into a mortal decline, we all moved to Facebook and Twitter.

The social media world is a curious one. There are people I have “known” for six or seven years by now but never met in real life (Hi, Benjamin Wendelboe and Dan Sonne Petersen), others I have been in contact with for several years before learning some important parts of their life stories, and others I have met both virtually and in real life a number of times (Carsten Fogh Nielsen, Néné LaBeet and Karen Mardahl, for starters). These days, there are also colleagues – mostly Swedish ones and Sweden-based – making these platforms part of my professional life as well.

Over the years, People have drifted in and out of my networks, just as you would see in real life. (And Macnyt has more or less drifted out of my world).

This homepage passed its 7th birthday quietly last month and I know that I have been neglecting old school blogging for most of 2012. To some degree, interactions on Twitter and Facebook have substituted blogging, but a lack of energy due to illness and the demands of a new job have also played a role here.

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