A Temporary Hiatus and a Personal Note

Regular readers will have noticed that postings have become more and more infrequent during the last months and that there have been no updates since February 18.

The reason is not that the blog is dead or abandoned but starting some time in the late autumn I have suffered from bouts of fatigue, a condition which worsened dramatically in February. The fatigue was due to stress and unfortunately I had to take sick leave at the beginning of March.

Obviously, my main priority right now is to get back to a situation where I can begin working again, sort out the reasons behind my condition in order to avoid repeats and consider my future.

Following Danish politics on a systematic basis and blogging about it is definitively at the bottom of my list of priorities at the moment and so the blog is on hiatus until further notice. I am still around on some less demanding formats (Twitter, Facebook) even if I prefer to avoid all too Political or PolSci discussions.

If you need to get in touch with me, you are welcome (see details on the relevant page) but please respect that I may take my time in answering and that I don’t take any requests for comments, etc. for the time being.

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