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    I’m not sure an adaption of the 2006 Moderaterna slogan works for Løkke. To make it work he would need people to already believe Venstre had a better jobs plan, and SocDems a bad one. The voters don’t yet feel that, and may never do, and hence this slogan is just bad framing and hence won’t work.

    As for the lack of reference to the EU – agree that the Presidency is a red herring, but what about dealing with Denmark’s opt-outs? These are just too complex or controversial for either the red bloc or the blue bloc to talk about?

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    I am puzzled by the Liberals here. As you say, employment is a major problem for the “Blue” bloc.

    I would guess that the Euro is too poisonous to touch. My impression from earlier debates and interviews is that the Libs have very much put Europe and the opt-outs on the back-burner. And SD/SF do not really present anything on Europe. Probably too controversial as the JHA (equivalent) would activate the immigration issue.

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