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    After @jenniecph shared the tip about voting in advance at “Borger Service” centers in the local community, I told my colleagues at work. A few reactions were “how can you call it brevstemme – voting by mail – if you show up in person to vote”. In other words, they laughed at the semantics, and then dropped the topic. That reaction was mostly male. The women were “oh, what a great idea. That really eases my planning in my busy schedule.”
    There was a comment about how can you vote now when you don’t know what the candidates have to offer. That sounds like a real on-the-fence person to me.
    Just some anecdoctal info on this topic. I don’t think I’ve upset your 5%….

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    Unfortunately no data about male and female postal voting but Copenhagen and Frederiksberg have relatively high shares of postal votes. Also the smaller islands around Denmark.

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