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    Surprised to see Fidesz described as “probably more extreme” than the DPP. Were you perhaps thinking of Jobbik?

    And I’m not convinced that the of the explanation for the DPP behavior is anything but pure opportunism. If a retired police or security chief criticised the government for not giving enough money to the police, for having to lax border controls, or something similar, don’t you think the DPP would have joined in on the criticism? I would have been surprised if they, at least as much as any other party, would not had tried to exploited it the best they could. Would the DPP really, for principled reasons, have constantly sided with a Social Democratic-led government against dissent from former or present public servants or the judiciary?

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    Jobbik is one thing but I was actually thinking of Fidesz due to the policies of the present Hungarian government. The question of similarities between Fidesz and the Danish Liberal Party in terms of populism is of course also interesting.

    I will get back to the second part of the comment in a future post. Promise!

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