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    Thanks for the elucidation, Jacob.

    I’ve been wondering what Danish food or drink – if banned (or apparently banned) in another country – would cause a similar outcry in Denmark. It would have to be something long established, ubiquitous, seen as uniquely – even quintessentially – Danish and popularly regarded as either completely harmless or “good for you”.

    For a British audience, all of those qualities are present in Marmite. (And I bet most Brits don’t know the vitamin B complex is added to Marmite – I didn’t. I’ve always assumed it was a completly natural yeast product.)

    I don’t know about you, but this sort of fuss gives me some pleasure. Even though our societies in Europe are growing ever more close together (a development I personally welcome) I yet find it comforting there are still things that distinguish us.

    I know this is contradictory!

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    You Danes have done it now. The beef war will look like a minor skirmish in comparison to the great Marmite war of 2011.

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