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    If I have understood correctly, the government parties, the Social Liberals and the Danish People’s Party have now struck a deal on the retirement issue. As a precondition for the DF support, an agreement on increased border controls was also reached. This is opposed by the SocLibs, but supported by several of the other opposition parties, including the Social Democrats and the Socialist People’s Party. But this also means that DF could have gotten their border controls without the retirement reform, by striking at deal with the SocDems and SF, since these three parties have a majority. So what’s in it for DF?

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    @1: Haha! Yes, if only I had the time and the money. 🙂

    @2: No (full) deal yet. The links between retirement reform and immigration policy are complicated but perhaps we shall see it so that DF generally prefers a Lib-Cons government to a SocDem-SF government. Hence, it will make sense to make concessions to the present government but to get as steep a price as possible.

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