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    The problem is that we are not seen as proper scientists by the outside world (you wonder why). And politics is seen as the domain of opinion and tastes, not as a subject of scientific study. So: A geologist commenting on dinosaurs is ok. A physicist commenting on climate change is mildly suspicious. A political scientist commenting on candidates and elections can’t be much cleverer than Joe Average, so his/her claim to authority is just annoying.

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    A reasonable logic. And the sentiment is not only known among “ordinary people”: I recall that Helmut Schmidt once said that Germany didn’t need sociologists and political scientists (can’t find the quote, though).

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    The quote is all over the German-speaking internet though I cannot find a proper reference (it is usually referred to as Helmut Schmidt 1967/68): “Wir haben zu viele Politologen und Soziologen. Wir brauchen mehr Studenten, die sich für anständige Berufe entscheiden, die der Gesellschaft auch nützen.” Looking at my students, who am I to disagree with him?

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