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Oh, But It’s Like a Piece of Art, Y’know

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Where bureaucratic arrogance meets corporate stupidity is where you will find the Danish Ministry of Education, or “Undervisnings ministeriet” as it wants to be known as. That the minister can’t add two numbers is already known but that the ministry doesn’t care about the basic rules of Danish orthography … well, this is the country where Helge Sander was Minister for Science for nine years, so we should have seen it coming.

Or to put it in Danish

Al tsåb ared etsk alop fatt esso metl ogom åman dele orde neli geso mman harl ystt il

On a more general note, the visual identity of the Danish government on the web and elsewhere remains a complete and utter mess. Obviously the big difference between Denmark and Sweden is that the Danish ministries are not, technically, departments under one Government Office but given that ministries are set up and abolished on a regular basis and parts of portfolios shuffled around, it really would make sense to set up the domain www.regeringen.dk and make the ministries appear as subdomains (e.g. finans.regeringen.dk, udenrigs.regeringen.dk etc).

And finally, I would love to see the Danish government make some kind of systematic policy for publishing white papers, reports parallel to the Swedish SOU and Ds.

Written by Jacob Christensen

March 6th, 2011 at 12:00 pm

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