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    Thanks for the history lesson. I wasn’t aware of all the details and had forgotten others. This puts the story into better perspective. Everyone’s behavior seems pretty pathetic.

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    The Danish system does not consider the rights of its own people let alone stateless refugees! In fact the Danish Immigration system leaves a lot to be desired. My mother was born in Denmark and was forceably removed from her extended family and taken illegally to Queensland, Australia where her abusive father naturalised her as a child (without her knowledge). This was forty years ago, since then she has been fighting to have her Danish citizenship (her birth right) returned to her. She has lived in exile from her own country for forty years (think about that because it is somebody’s life time) and the Danish Consulates, the Danish Government and the Law, even the Danish People still deny her and her children the right to Danish permanent residency let alone citizenship. What crime did she commit to be banished from her own homeland like this? What was my crime as her daughter to be cast away as unwelcomed, unwanted from my own family, history and culture? Most countries in Europe recognise grandchildren of people born in Europe to be European – Denmark seems to be one of the backward few who have not been able to grasp this simple yet modern civilised concept. My family have moved to the UK instead to be closer to our extended family in Denmark and we are now all highly qualified professionals – just the kind of people Denmark might need, but despite this and despite being Danish we are not welcome we are punished for something we had no choice over and nobody in Denmark is doing anything about it. Why? Because it has been my experience with a lot of authorities in Denmark, that a full stomach doesn’t think of an empty one. I doubt the great majority of Danes would even read this let alone care enough to try and say or do anything about this atrocity, so why does it surpise anyone that stateless refugees are treated in this way?

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