1. avatar Norwegian Guy

    “How is the relatively strong performance of the Sweden Democrats linked with the weak performance of the Social Democrats?”

    I would guess they are competing about the same core voters?

  2. avatar Nick

    1. Maybe there’s just a touch of Swedish “snällism” (kindness-ism) here. The Social Democrats’ leader, Mona Sahlin, has cut an increasingly miserable figure; and the article this week by range of veteran party comrades, ostensibly seeking to rally Social Democrats behind her, actually struck me as just about the final humiliation for her. It looks inconceivable that she will stay in her job much longer, and it may be that newspaper editors are reluctant to rub it in even more by going on about her party’s catastrophic poll figures.

    2. Yes, there must be a big connection.

    3. Again, a likely scenario.

  3. avatar Norwegian Guy

    By the way, wouldn’t point nr. 3 be just like the Bildt governemt from 1991-94 with the Sweden Democrats replacing New Democracy?

  4. avatar

    @3: Yes and no. Numerically yes, but nd was too disorganised to form the basis of stable government, especially during an economic crisis.

    During the 1990s, it was possible to imagine Nyrup governing on the mandates of the Red-Green Alliance but (prompted by the centre parites) he often chose to seek agreements with the Liberals and the Conservatives.

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