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    I think your historical conjecture–given its assumptions–is correct.

    But …
    – would the 2. German Empire have been formed in 1871, with Denmark a part of the prior Confederation? Perhaps. But I am not absolutely sure that Danish membership would not have led to other internal Confederation relations in the years 1864-71. You only need to change a few assumptions here, and then many things might have looked quite, quite differently.
    – would Denmark have become part of the 2. German Empire? Of that I am actually almost sure–judging from the most obvious parallels of sovereign states with a significant non-German ethnicity/language(Luxembourg, Austria)–that we would not. If Denmark did not become a part of the German Empire in 1871, then it gets to be very, very difficult to predict a) what would have happened to Denmark/Schleswig-Holstein after 1871, and b) what would have happened to Denmark and the Glücksburgs after a First World War.

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    Interesting bit of alternative history there. I’m sure Germany would have appreciated their Faroese, Icelandic and Greenlandic naval bases in World War I. They would have been hard to defend though, even more so the German Virgin Islands.

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