1. avatar Nick

    Rather a pompous comment from Singer. I don’t think the keeper could have been expected to be sure that the ball had crossed the line. He was, after all, diving with his back to goal.

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    I still think Singer focuses on some central points: a) Do you play to win or play to win by the rules, and b) what role does the players have in policing the rules of the game.

    Re. the Lampard goal my original impression was that the German goalkeeper must have seen the ball in but – as he didn’t want to see it going in – rejected what he saw. His later comments may be a cynical justification for not reacting but they do give the impression that the German players played to win and did not internalise the rules of the game.

    And, yes, the performances of the referee and the linesman were still terrible.

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    1. …the rules doesn’t dictate the goalie to react in a specific way in case the opposing team scores a goal…Imho Neuer therefore didn’t do anything wrong in continueing to play. Rule No. 1 in any kind of sports is to continue to play until the ref. tells you otherwise. Neuer did in fact play by the rules…and won.

    2. Neuer wasn’t actively cheating like Henry or Maradona were…Neuer was passive and in my opinion that makes a lot of difference…

    What was Neuer supposed to do? Stop playing and signal to the ref that England had scored a goal? Won’t happen…ever…not in a situation like that, and not at a World Cup tournament…

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