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    And on Swedish Primetime TV it seems like nothing but Danish series (Livvakterna this evening for example).

    At the risk of saying Famous Last Words, I can’t see Gunvald in Persbrandt’s version ever being a hit outside of Scandinavia. Well, Germany perhaps, but … Germans … The Anglos will have to discover the character through an or an American actor’s interpretation. I’d like to see Jason Isaacs do it. But who would play Beck?

    Meanwhile, observed Wallander fever in Britain (well, a small corner of it anyway). My cousin Peter told me I looked like Branagh’s Wallander. Had to think about that one … so I look like an Englishman pretending to be a Swede?!?

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    Stumbling across a Swedish or Danish detective series (dubbed in German) on a German channel can be an interesting experience. The Danes, needless to say, are as crazy about British crime fiction as the Swedes.

    PS: Link and spelling edited 🙂

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