1. avatar David Garby

    Ole Sohn will take a minister portfolio, much in the same way as Claus Hjort where he will be used as a “chief whip”.

    I think Søvndal will take the foreign office. There are no good historical evidence with partyleaders taking the financeministry, no partyleader wants to be the bad guy who slashes public services and raises taxes.

    I don’t think that the Economy and Commerce-ministry will be upheld in its current form when S-SF takes over. It is to big, to much administration and lacks political opportunties, issues that voters really cares about .

    And then i think you would have to count on there be more ministers, something like 22-24, with a lot of small ones – europe, youth, democracy etc.

  2. avatar

    Sohn could very well be the next Hjort.

    I’m a bit more sceptical about Søvndal as foreign minister – not that he couldn’t do it or that SF wouldn’t like the portfolio (and leave development to S) but he would be out of the country for much of the time. Okay, Fischer managed but he had deputy ministers (FO + development + Europe?)

    And yes, E+C is a hopeless combination. It takes a really, really, really big beast of the jungle to get away with that. Economic planning in itself is a nice portfolio for a deputy prime minister and party leader.

  3. avatar David Garby

    A lot of speculation about Søvndals role, circulates around the idea that he should want some kind of Welfareministry, but i think the experience with Karen Jespersen showed very clearly, how bad an idea that is. To many single cases, to much administration and to many “samråd” (like a congressional hearing) in Folketinget.

    Economic planning …. boring!

    I think he (VS) would go for the foreign office and let Lykketoft be president of the folketing. The FO would also be a nice catch for SF because that would be the final proof of their status as a responible party.

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