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    I crashed on my bike a month ago. The bike and my head was/is okay – but I stretched something in my neck and back and definitively feel that age has crept in on me.

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    im currently working on a research project that seeks to explain the use of different means of traffic in vienna through other factors (income, education, gender, place of residence, occupation, workplace location, ).

    the research project is part of a study that is conducted with an astonishing sample size of n=8700 (vienna only!), so we’ll get some pretty detailed results about life in the austrian capital.

    interestingly, it seems that the share of people who say they ride their bike several times a week goes up with the formal level of education (that is 14 % at primary school, 21 % at high school, 27 % at university level).

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    […] nya,och r inte heller frmmande fr nnu flera krnkraftverk.,Utreda saker?,,I reaktors hrd,Bike,Dags att rkna med […]

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