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    There’s a bug in your list, Estrup should be at the bottom instead of Scavenius (and rightly so, fascist goon :-))

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    I’m frustrated that support for Stauning is so unanimous. I realise foreign policy is only a quarter of the score, but surely a lot of the responsibility of the April 9. travesty falls on his shoulders. He also started (with the connivance of most other parties in Kanslergade admittedly) a nasty tradition of sadling future generations with bills for social spending.

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    a) The list is not mine but Berlingske Tidende’s.
    b) Scavenius isn’t on the list because he was only a PM for (depending on how this is counted) less than six months/about two years.
    c) Putting the burden on social spending on future generations? Well, as experts would tell you, Estrup and the Moderate Liberals started that game back in 1891.

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