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    Oh, you are such a tease. The 1997 case sure sounds interesting.

    (And, off topic here–thanks to running into a comment of yours elsewhere, I am now enlightened about a strain of charismatic Lutheranism I had never heard of before: Laestadianism.)

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    On a serious note: The vote of no confidence was only introduced formally in the Danish constitution in 1953, so the first four votes of no confidence actually took place before there were any formally established rules for bringing down a government.

    The description of the ladies (head for Lisa Goldman’s blog) interested me. I cannot say for sure that they were Laestadians – they could also be “regular” evangelicals – but Sweden actually has a history of stern evangelical Lutheranism. (So do the other Nordic countries but evangelicals and charismatics seem to have made the biggest impact in Sweden).

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