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    well here are one or two possibly profound things:

    1. polls tell us that these elections are going to be devastating for the big parties (social democrats and conservatives). it could well be that both of them reach their worst ever result in elections, well below 30 %.

    2. the freedom party under new leader heinz christian strache is expected to be the big winner, possibly scoring up to 20 %. together with jörg haider’s bzö the populist right might get up to 26, 27 %.

    3. there’s two other lists not included on wahlkabine.at trying to get into parliament: the liberals who were there already in the mid-90s and a guy called dinkhauser (former conservative) who scored 18 % in regional elections in the tyrol in june.

    4. for the first time since 1945 we could end up with more than 5 parties in parliament. coalition forming will be extremely difficult. both big parties prefer the greens as coalition partner but they will need a third party to join them. so the forming of government will depend on wether the liberals or dinkhauser take the threshold of 4%.

    5. the social democrats changed their position on eu-referenda after a nasty anti-eu-campaign by the world’s biggest newspaper (per capita) „kronen zeitung“. the party leaders announced it by writing a letter to the editor of that paper. „kronen zeitung“ (with almost 3 million readers in a country of 8 million people) is now celebrating the new social democratic party leader and bashing the conservatives. so far without great success (as polls show).

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