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    check out this one:


    the guy is the fp’s only MEP, and one of the party’s chief ideologists

    ironically the left-right-scale seems to work no longer in the ongoing election campaign. there rather seems to be a cleavage pro- vs. anti-eu, along which parties split into camps.

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    That sounds very much like the Danish model with DF supporting the government in economic, foreign (minus EU) and immigration policy while there is another majority behind the EU policy.

    If I understand the situation correctly, Austria – unlike Germany – does not have positive parliamentarism and this would make such a model possible. Whether it is desirable is another matter.

  3. avatar laurenz ennser

    well, at least such a scenario is much more likely to happen than it was in the past. austria has had one year of minority government so far (1970-71), that was until famous bruno kreisky won an absolute majority which he managed to keep until 1983 (!).

    but since the beloved “groe koalition” is working no longer, there’s time for something new. minority government is definitely a possibility after september 28.

    remember the paper i wrote in your course about the swedish greens not making it into executive office twice? turns out to be very useful in the situation we’re in today … 🙂

    p. s.: you’re right about negative parliamentarism. the crucial question is wheter the bundesprsident would be ok with appointing a min gov.

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