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Robert Scoble is right:

Apple continues to amaze. I’ve never seen a company have a technical meltdown in front of the eyes of the world the way Apple did today. Yet when my son got out of the store after three hours of hell inside the store (we were snuck to the front of the line by someone who gave us cuts so that we could be among the first to get one, so that we could document what it was like for him to walk into the store and be #1 — he waited for two days) he said he still loved Apple and still loved his 3G iPhone.

That said, no other company in the world has so much brand love in reserve that it can get this reaction. Any other company in the world would have seen riots after it took more than an hour to process even a portion of the first group of 20 people to enter the store.

Here’s a frustrated Scoble caught by Venturebeat:

I can easily imagine what would have happened if, say, Microsoft had announced a major update to an application or an online service, only to see its servers blow up on the big day. Otherwise, just sign up to Twitter and see what happens when the service heads for the fjords.

Apple fanboys love this video of Windows 98 going blue in the face on Bill Gates. Too bad Steve Jobs wasn’t caught on camera Thursday or Friday. It is also pretty interesting that Apple’s “Hot News” page doesn’t mention Thursday’s and Friday’s problems at all. The company was incommunicado – the biggest no-no according to communication specialists.

For your information, I do not have an iPhone – if you call me, I will pick up a Nokia 6233 – but I spent most of Thursday with a very shaky (to say the least) connection to dotmac MobileMe and also had to deal with some mysterious semi-update.

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July 12th, 2008 at 4:54 am

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