1. avatar Dr. Minorka

    “Third, even Danish researchers frequently point to the traditional homogeneity of Danish society as a precondition for maintaining a large-scale welfare state ”
    Ethnic or social homogenity?

  2. avatar

    Traditionally, social homogeneity. But in later years, references to cultural homogeneity have become more common. I deliberately write cultural,or religious, and not ethnic homogeneity (we can leave aside Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the small German minority here) because this is what is being discussed.

    Then there is another issue: The Danish state, just like Sweden, traditionally had a fairly effective system of local government and these institutions have played an important role in the development of social policies.

    But in the end the question of homogeneity is an empirical problem: Have Danish (and Swedish) academics overestimated the historical levels of homogeneity? Not impossible.

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