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    It seems like Jespersen and Pittelkow, on this issue at least, have not changed their minds at all since their days in the Left Socialist Party. It is the same Jacobinic understanding of the relation between political authority and individual freedom. The core of this is to judge people NOT by their qualifications, NOT by their actions, but alone by their religious background. Behind this is the idea that religious affiliation is suspect, and should be purged from public office.

    In my view, this is one of the less fortunate parts of the heritage from the French Revolution. It may take forms, say as in France, that are not completely anti-liberal. But this is not the case in Denmark. The background of this whole debate is an extreme self-righteousness about how “we ought to regulate and emancipate all those poor defenseless Muslim women” and “curb the great threat of Islam”.

    I say and sigh more about this here:

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