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    Hey Jacob. Love your post and you’re totally right about the connection between Islam and Muslim. I find it utterly embarrassing that a person like him can be elected into office.

    But I need to stress a point, (that often needs to be stressed)-being a Semite does not require you to be Jewish.. All Palestinians for instance are Semitic as well. I bet they wouldn’t be joyous about your comparison 🙂

    Actually all Arabs are Semitic..

    The term antisemitism refers to prejudice/hostility against Jews not against all semitic people -and it is in this context that most people get confused.

    Keep on blogging you do a really good job. Sorry for my criticism, but I wouldn’t want you get caught out there saying something incorrect like Mr. Langballe.


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    There is a linguistic quirk here as Hebraic as well as Arabic are semitic languages. Anti-Semitism, or antisemitism, is defined like this in Wiktionary:

    Prejudice, discrimination or hostility directed against Jews.

    And this, of cause, means that Arabs – or rather non-Jewish Arabs – can be anti-Semitic without suffering from self-hatred. (Bigotry, yes)

    Anyway, what Langballe did was, inadvertently or deliberately, to confuse an ethnic and a religious group. And the question about the ethnicity of Jews is really, really complicated.

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    There is a distinction between anti-judaism and anti-semitism. The former is “anti” based on religious grounds. The wiktionary definition is clearly wrong.
    See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anti-judaism
    Islam is a religion, and “a Muslim is an adherent of the religion of Islam”. So maybe Mr. Langbelle wanted to say that I’m against your religion, but you are O.K. as a member of an ethnic group. Though I’m not convinced that this is his real opinion.

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