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  1. avatar Dr. Minorka

    Re: Toynbee/Hkmark:
    Are there any independent reviews about “free schools”, and the GPs? Both Toynbee and Hkmark forgot to provide any references . Judging from Sahlin’s popularity is sinking, but the opposition has a strong lead.

  2. avatar

    In some ways Toynbee (even if she is British) and Hkmark are typical of political discourse in Sweden right now. I’m not really a school exptert, but the Swedish School Agence has published a summary pointing to two potential issues – 1. that private schools are being established and run by large corporations rather than on a community basis (may be good or bad, but it was unexpected), 2. that there may be a tendency to over-establishment which leaves local councils with a heavy financial burden. Other factors than public/private play a role in creating or counteracting segregation.

    The contracting of primary health care, Toynbee writes about, hasn’t been implemented fully yet, but there is a noted difference between Stockholm and some other cities in that the Stockholm system doesn’t take the very different situations in different parts of the town into account. Swedish papers have pointed to a pattern with GPs and other service providers establishing on stermalm.

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