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Souvenir de Vienne

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At A Fistful of Euros Alex Harrowell thinks back at his time as an exchange student in Vienna during 2001-2002:1

What do I remember, of the pre-Bologna German university? Well, one thing was the teaching staff, or rather their absence; you could go literally weeks without seeing your professor outside the huge lectures, but why would you want to? Their pompous titles were only matched by their pomposity in general. This didn’t go so much for the postgraduate assistants, but then, there’s only so often you actually want a row about Trotsky…

Strictly speaking, Vienna is in Austria, not Germany, but never mind: As I’ve understood it, Austria is basically like Germany, just more hierarchical and traditionalistic and definitively much less rational.

More about the charms of German(ic) universities here.

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May 4th, 2008 at 7:50 pm

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