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    Bruce Western has done a good deal of work on the incarceration-unemployment link — I’m sure that taking into account incarceration rates would show a much, much higher rate of unemployment in the US, especially among African American males, and young males in general.

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    The incarceration question is one I did not have room to address. The population figures used are for the “civilian noninstitutional population.” So prisoners, and soldiers, are not included in the count. If we counted prisoners, the “jobless rate” would be higher. If we counted those in the military, it would be lower.

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    Tanks for the comments – the space problem is well-known to me 🙂 .

    I’d expect effects in that direction, but the really interesting point – as Norris and Krugman stated – is of cause that the US and Europe may be closer to each other these days.

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