1. avatar ananix

    Thats not fun, thats sad, that the danish press dont even read german new papers, no wonder denmark is in a political vacume.

  2. avatar

    It’s April 1st! It’s just an April fool’s joke 😉 Anders Fogh does nothing wrong (except the time in 1992 when he got caught in creative accounting, 30 mio. DKK).

  3. avatar Finn Jensen

    Second chance missed. Also in Financial Times Deutschland on the 18. March
    “Damit bekräftigte Rasmussen frühere Ankündigungen, er wolle Dänemarks Ausnahmeregelungen für die Währungsunion, die EU-Innen- und Justizpolitik sowie die europäische Verteidigungspolitik durch eine Volksabstimmung abschaffen.[..] Der Herbst dieses Jahres könnte eine gute Gelegenheit sein”

  4. avatar

    Just to wrap (?) this up, I don’t think that AFR said anything really new. That the government along with Ny Alliance, Radikale Venstre and the Social Democrats want referenda on the opt-outs is well-known. The question is a) if there will be one or more referenda and b) when the referendum/a will be held. But I don’t really understand how this became news.

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