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    Interesting theory. We certainly get a lot of contestants/hopefuls on American Idol who started in church choirs.

    Hey, don’t sell Denmark short. There’s a fantastic indie-pop/rock scene in DK — think The Raveonettes and Kashmir. Not likely that those are church-grown, of course.

    Besides — although I may be the United States’ most committed Eurovision fan, even I wouldn’t dare to equate Eurovision success with quality musical production 😉 And Denmark has won the contest more recently than Sweden anyway.

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    I’m sure there is a way to test this hypothesis.

    In musical terms the well-known Ms. B. Spears is in fact a Swede, believe it or not. Liza Marklund claimed her as a Swedish cultural icon in a series about European culture in the Danish broadsheet Politiken a couple of years ago.

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