1. avatar Lisa

    I don’t think your take on it is evil at all, and only somewhat satirical. The Swedes pride themselves on their flat management style, but in reality, as you point out, Swedish management is not only not flat, but is becoming more hierarchical all the time. The historical-cultural explanation does make some sense to me — it’s astonishing how patterns established a thousand years ago persist. My question is — where does Norway fit into this? Someone once describe the three countries to me this way: Sweden is the blonde sister with the sweater set and pearls; Norway is the brown-haired sister with the kofta and natural smile; and Denmark is the wild sister with green hair and a nose piercing.

  2. avatar

    Both Swedes and Danes will relish the image of Sweden as Lisa and Denmark as Bart Simpson (Norway? Ned Flanders 😛 ) but in real life things are a bit more complex – or so I think.

    I have an ambition about doing a more substantial post when I’ve read the report more thoroughly. Stay tooned.

  3. avatar Feven

    I have dealt with both Swedes and Danes for quite some time (being a Norwegian) and unfortunately from my point of view both are heading in the wrong direction. The Danes are becoming more and more inward-looking (try to sell something
    to a Dane while not being a Dane, and then ask a Dane to do exactly the same sell – you will be amazed at the difference in sales figures – that doesnt happen in Sweden or Norway), and more and more sure that Danes are the source of all good.
    The Swedes are becoming more and more hierarchical – as was pointed out by someone else (almost becoming like the Danes in that sense – the have never been the ones to take decisions, but now it is slowly becoming ridiculous).

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