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    In the U.S., I believe, the consistently least acceptable category is ‘atheists’. Did they not ask that question, or is it sort of like a ‘baseline’ category, like, you know, heterosexual white male?

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    Dutch is not exactly my best language but 87% would accept someone who is niet-gelovig as PM. Outside of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Dutch – to the best of my knowledge – are more religious than most people expect.

    Atheism is not a handicap in Nordic politics but there are cases of leading politicians with a clear religious background:

    Former Norwegian PM Kjell Magne Bondevik (1997-2000; 2001-2005) is a Lutheran minister – and was of cause the leader of the Christian People’s Party.

    Danish PM Poul Hartling (1973-1975) was ordained as a vicar.

    Denmark has had a Catholic PM: Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg (1909) – and it is not completely outrageous to suggest that King Christian X would have preferred Edvard Brandes (atheist, from a Jewish family) as PM during WW1.

    And of cause the Danish People’s Party have teamed up with Sren Krarup and Jesper Langballe and use their particular brand of Lutheranism as part of the party’s campaigning.

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