1. avatar person@kemicentrum.nu

    Something that can be clarified in the article is the high rental cost of “Akademiska hus” http://www.akademiskahus.se/index.php?id=427 . It is talked about this in kemicentrum, and also mentioned on wikipedia http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akademiska_Hus . Wikipedia might not be the most reliable reference, bu “no smoke without fire”? From a grassroot level, it seems that is more important that Akademiska hus make a profit than to make things smooth for the scientific insitutuion. Is this also happening elsewhere with this company?

  2. avatar SAK

    It is not entirely correct to blame Akademiska Hus for the problems. They just follow political decisions (which benefit them). The problem in this case is more due to inefficient or just uninterested central university administration and its Byggnadsenheten, Building Department, which is actually responsible for contacts with Academiska Hus and which signs all contracts. Unfortunately the vice chancellor Bexell and his administration together with the Natural Sciences faculty administration have demonstrated total inability to react to the situation. It seems it is becoming a bad habit at this university that all problems are left to be taking care off by the lowest level of the organization, that is the actual employees. And if something goes wrong, of course the employees pay for it, in this case by their jobs. This is a very typical way by which bureaucracy react to any potential threats. And they will present 100 arguments which seem to be totally correct and which explain why they reacted this particular way. After all, this is their job.

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