Congratulations and (No) Celebrations

Actually, I have no right to complain about people who do not celebrate their birthdays.

As it is, the last time I threw a big birthday party is … a long time ago. I spent my 30th birthday visiting my parents who were recuperating after major and minor surgery, respectively, so that birthday dinner was courtesy of Herlev Amtssygehus and my 40th was a fairly quiet affair as most of the relatives, friends and colleagues, I might have invited, weren’t exactly just around the corner. But Jessika, David and Nick still made, if not the day, then the event memorable. Your efforts have not been forgotten – and in any event I prefer small gatherings to big parties. 😀

So let me just note that in these months I have listed a 50th, a 60th and a 70th birthday among friends and relatives, neither of which will be celebrated.

And obviously, it would be wrong to reveal any names here.