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    As any Swede would tell you, it’s because the infamous fluortant doesn’t come visit regularly in schools any more. (Oh, and your comment about immigration was a Danish self-irony, right?) 😉

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    I can remember the flour-lady from my school-days in Denmark as well.

    Immigration – no, I’m actually serious here, at least in my curiosity: If the share of immigrants is higher in Sweden than in Denmark and if immigrants are less likely to use the dental and other medical services than “Swedes”, then we might see a marginal difference. It has to do with marginalisation and pick-up rates. (Remember also that the chart probably obscures that the differences between Denmark and Sweden are marginal – I wouldn’t be the least surprised if Denmark was at 0,95 and Sweden at 1.05)

    Dentists’ behaviour can play a role as well: I recall that there were huge variations between Danish local councils with regard to how fast dentists took to the drill or prescribed other forms of dental work.

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