1. avatar Esben Thomsen

    Well I have the same “problem” except that i don’t believe im going to update my iMac to 10.5 – but at least i got dual boot, with ubuntu.

    In my simpel point of view, 10.5 don’t have anything i would call powertools under the hood anyway, but Gutsy Gibbon on the other hand..

  2. avatar

    I had a modest hope that my old Mac would just scrape through – but the limit for obsolescence for a Mac seems to be somewhere between 4 and 5 years.

  3. avatar

    Depends on how you use your computer…If you want a treditional high-fidelity experience get an iMac, if you want an entertainment centre get a Mini and if you want to do serious work, wait for a subnotebook. Right now the BlackBook is the only Apple computer I’d consider my self…

    Ubuntu still is far from perfect…But it’s damn fast on a modern computer, and it will rock on a 800MHz Mac.

  4. avatar Dr. Minorka

    Depends on your neeeds.
    1. If you need/prefer a dedicated graphics card: choose iMac.
    2. MacBook is a mobile MacMini. If mobility important: choose MacBook.
    3. Either cases buy the maximum possible RAM (i think even the MacMini is capable to work with 3 Gb, albeit unofficially).
    4. Buy Vmware Fusion or Parallels Desktop to run Ubuntu under OSX, if you want Linux as well.

  5. avatar Dr. Minorka

    In addition:
    For the price of a MacBook you can buy a strong, quality Windows notebook. Replace Windows with Ubuntu.

  6. avatar

    Thanks for advice. I don’t plan to buy anything before Leopard arrives – but if I buy a new computer in October/November maximum RAM will definitively be part of the set-up.

    I’ll add ergonomics to the equation btw: Laptops are bad for your back and neck. I’d probably need an extra screen for a MacBook.

  7. avatar

    I think laptops are the ultimate in ergonomics, but it could be because I never use them while sitting at a desk…

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