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  1. avatar Illwill

    As a swedish national I might be able to shed some light on your confusion.

    First, the fact that people are willing to put their vote on the good old communist-parties and semi-communist party is simply because last election people voted against them rather than for the more capitalistic parties. The reds are “business as usual” here, many people have always voted for them even though they don’t really know why other than that their parents voted for them and they have “always” ruled so they have to know what they are doing. It’s kinda like religion, most voters don’t really think it through, they just think something has to be some way because someone else told them so.

    Second, unlike danish and norwegian media our media is almost completely controlled by politic agenda. Where your media reports about somalian or arabic offenders our media reports about a “danish/swedish/finnish citizen”. A typical example would be: The guy is from Lebanon and his name is Taher Hamade but our media as always hides those facts.

    Our elderly have grown up with a belief that we have the most free media and society in the world because it used to be. It is the same phenomena as in the US where they are convinced they are the ultimate democracy and all other countries are envious of their life-style and want the same. Oh, and a god is on their side.

    The statistics that show that young uneducated men vote for SD is…well, I am not completely convinced it is true but it might be true. Young people are the first ones to see with their own eyes what is happening in Sweden. Our media hides it but our young has to face it in school and on the streets every day. Well-educated people spend most of their time either in their house, in their car otw to work or at work. They don’t take the bus, the subway and they don’t visit the same areas as the less educated.

    There are plenty of well-educated people in Sweden that know what is going on, but since it is politically incorrect to not be politically correct (makes sense..) and being PC is very important here, they simply don’t tell anyone if they vote SD. All western media present a picture of the world that is more or less PC, but swedish media is the most PC when it comes to immigrants and the problems they bring.

    If our media started reporting the truth and not a moderated truth then more people would vote for SD. Also SD has a rather tainted past, I am not sure about the history of Pia’s party (whatever it is called) or Fremskrittspartiet but SD used to have a lot of loud but unintelligent people, that said things that weren’t PC. Being loud and stupid is in itself not something that stops you from being successful in Swedish politics (after all, Mona Sahlin is a complete idiot and she is running the social democrats now) but not being PC is a very big deal here.

    Lastly, swedish people have next to no national pride. 200 years without war and no need to defend their country has resulted in a people that aren’t the least proud. Most swedes are weak and totally unprepared for hostility. Norway and Denmark were occupied by the germans and that created a strong feeling of national pride, especially in the norwegians. The idea of not being able to wave the norwegian flag on May 17th would be insane, but in Sweden that was the rule for a couple of years.

    Pia was right btw, when Sweden falls you guys are next. The inhabitants of Malm (supposed to be a swedish city but it’s not anymore) are going to go to YOU first. Thank Goran the horrible and his peons for that.

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