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    They’re serious – usually. As a Danish colleague noted, democratic states have kept monarchs as long as they have kept out of politics.

    So the #########s should be safe.

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    Norway is still a monarchy? I thought they died out a while ago, in the 80s…

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    Norway is indeed a monarchy – the problem (if it is one) is that there is no Norwegian nobility (we – the Danes – took care of that), so the present king is married to the daughter of an industrialist. And the crown prince to a woman with an – ahem – interesting past.

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    A little OT…The Danish constitution is, mostly, a “disgrace”. That is due to the high percentage of the text, that is dedicated to the Monarchy and the concept of the State-Church. (This is – however – somewhat offset by the simplicity of chapter VIII (with the beautiful – IMHO – $77)

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