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    well, thanks for the link! the austrian blogosphere has recently seen a rise of politically interested bloggers (some of them students in political science), which eventually lead to the conservatives inviting five bloggers to one of their national party rallies, providing them with internet connection and asking them to blog live from the event.

    the bloggers who strongly oppose conservative politics gave an interesting insight into the event, especially because of their subjective and often very sarcastic comments.

    in the end it was a success for the bloggers who recieved a great share of attention. the conservatives, however, were so sharply critisised by the bloggers that i doubt they will do that again �

    however, distinct political science blogs are still a rare thing, though � of course � there’s a lot of blogging politicians from all levels, the most famous of all being peter pilz, green mp.

    all of these blogs can be accessed through: http://www.politikblogs.at

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    Sarcastic Austrians?? Well, I’ll be… 😛

    The Danish equvalent would be Blogbot. Sweden has several blog-search engines but no politics blog-portal

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