The To Do-List

Ususally it’s considered bad practise to complain about the tasks you haven’t managed to do, but if I’m not mistaken, I’ve been careless enough to promise the three regular readers of this blog one or the other post.

So here’s the to do-list for the second part of June:

  1. To Flemming: The Ultimate Karen Jespersen Post. Well, Naser Khader made sure that that one disappeared from public imagination. I think the sensible solution will be to wrap up the last six months in Danish politics at the end of the parliamentary year. And maybe I’ll throw in something about developments in Swedish politics as well.
  2. To the mysterious Dr. Minorka: Homogeneity and the Welfare State. I have the book around here. Somewhere. The Danes are still discussing the subject.
  3. To Madsen. Amibitious Lovers. They are still cool but I want to tell the funny story about how I heard about them.
  4. To myself: 15 years of university teaching – did I learn anything?

Any other requests?

In case it’s pretty quiet when it comes to serious posting during the next two weeks, don’t worry: I’ll be back in style.

In the meantime, dig this! (iTunes – if you’re impatient)