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    Juli 1996 en magisk måned

    Juli måned 1996 står som den bedste måned i mit liv. Jeg kørte med aviser, det var et meget frit job og jeg tjente over 10.000 kr. som var det meste jeg havde tjent på nogen måned.
    Efter jeg var færdig med uddelingen kørte jeg hjem og sov, jeg …

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    I’m so disappointed. Was a big Tour fan. Although we all saw it coming, it’s still shocking to hear the truth. And although it’s kind of a good thing that Riis and the others finally admit it, I can’t help feeling even more disillusioned now. Considered blogging about it too, but I’m too angry.

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    One thing which is worth noting is the timing of Riis’s statement: Almost all of the Telekom riders from 1996 had admitted using EPO before Riis came out – basically they took the media bullets for him.

    That made Riis appear (at least in international media) as just “another doped rider”. But he’s been playing a cat-and-mouse game with the media since the late 1990s.

    Now only Armstrong and Indurain have to be revealed and then the entire line of TdF-winners from 1991 to 2006 would be doping abusers.

    Delgado had a conviction for doping and so did Riis’s mentor Fignon. German Wikipedia on TdF.

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