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The School from Hell

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Via Crooked Timber, a truly terrifying piece of news: The government of the United Kingdom will contribute to the descent of man by building schools without playgrounds – in this case the Thomas Deacon city academy.Among the newspeak provided by the school’s management:

“We are not intending to have any play time,” said Alan McMurdo, the head teacher. “Pupils won’t need to let off steam because they will not be bored.”


The academy’s timetable will be tightly structured and exercise for pupils will take place in PE classes and organised games on adjacent playing fields. There will be a 30-minute lunch period when pupils will be taken to the dining room by their teacher, ensuring they do not sneak away to run around.

But fear not:

[Pupils] will be able to hydrate during the learning experience.

Just pause for a moment and consider how the poor children will fare the day they face a setting which is not a tightly structured learning experience setting.

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May 9th, 2007 at 6:42 pm

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