1. avatar Maynard

    Hallo we are swedish sossar discuss with us, call
    [phone numbers removed]

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    There are a lot of people out there that wants both personal freedom and the welfare state. The social democrats have for the moment problems with both issues. Their school policy has been a disaster.

    The moderates may call themselves the new labour pary but in the end their intrest in the welfare state is not genuin.

    If the new liberal leader Jan Björklund (who else will get the job?) can bring together the liberals natural interest for the welfare state, a good education and also personal freedom I think he has a chance to bring the party back to around 10%.

    But he is, as a liberal member of parliament said, no Messiah.

  3. avatar Jens

    The fact that Jan Björklund is the only visible candidate in the party is a sign of the main failure of Leijonborg. They have the same policies, and even if there might be a temporary surge in the opinion favouring the Liberal Party with new leader, they are doomed to be in the political backwaters for a long time.
    It is a myth that the school policy is a disaster that the Social Democrats are responsible for. Aside from the fact that the international comparisons might not show the real situation in all aspects, the lower results have came after the Björklund populist intervention in school politics around 1997. What the Social Democrats have failed with is to defend the school against unsubstantiated populist attacks from Björklund and Leijonborg.
    The liberal party is not any longer really liberal. It has become more authoritarian than any other mainstream Swedish political party. It is visible in the politics and it is visible in the internal structures and ethics.

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