Nelson W. Polsby Dies

UC Berkeley News, Department of Political ScienceUC Berkeley, Washington Post – obiturary, Brad deLong. Polsby’s main field was the U.S. Constitution, Congressional Studies and the Washington Post notes this:

Beyond politics, he considered himself an expert on novelist Rex Stout’s character Nero Wolfe, a 286-pound sleuth who solves crimes without leaving his apartment. Dr. Polsby’s admirers called him an occasionally caustic man — he liked piquing journalists by asking whether they had ever read a book. He also enjoyed defying social conventions, such as by not wearing shoes when entertaining.

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  1. avatar Lisa Polsby

    He did too wear shoes. My father wore moccasins. He just didn’t wear suits or socks very often and he used an LL Bean bag instead of a briefcase.
    -Lisa Polsby

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